Ruth's Genealogy

“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

STANLEYMilesFrancisII_b1915_1934Charley Belle Rogers and Miles Francis Stanley, Jr, accompanied by friends Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Daniels, eloped to Marietta, Oklahoma and were married on 31 December 1934. Upon their return to Texas, the newlyweds took up residence with Charley Belle’s parents on May Street. Miles served as a painter’s helper at the Fort Worth National Bank Building in Fort Worth and Charley Belle worked to prepare their new home.

Troy Pix (306)Soon enough, children began to arrive. Maryland Sue was born in 1935, followed by Jan Marie in 1938 and Miles Francis, III in 1940. And Kathy Lee was born in 1945.

When WWII arrived, Miles, as the father of 4, was not drafted but did receive training as an engineer and was able to do his part for the war effort from home.

The Stanleys rented several houses around the south side of Fort Worth, but as the family grew, so did the need for a permanent place of their own. Finally, in 1950, they  purchased a home on Townsend Drive, across the street from a large park. Now settled down, the family truly thrived, as Miles went to work as a draftsman and engineer for General Dynamics Corporation and Charley Belle continued the run the home and raise the kids.

gunTragedy struck just before Christmas, 1954 when young Miles, known as Mike, was killed in a shooting accident. The family was devastated and would struggle to recover.

As the 1960’s arrived, and the children grew up and got married, the Stanleys stayed busy with work, church and Boy Scouts. Sure enough, grandchildren began to arrive and the house on Townsend Drive was a busy place. Charley Belle, now known as Nanny to the grandkids and soon to everyone else, juggled a busy schedule and Miles continued at General Dynamics.

ROGERSCharleyBelle_b1916_1972But Charley Belle’s life was destined to change dramatically in May, 1970. Miles had been previously diagnosed with severe heart disease, and had been forced to retire from General Dynamics. On Saturday morning, May 2nd, he suffered a massive heart attack at home and died within minutes. He was only 55. After almost 36 years of marriage, and now with 4 children and 6 grandchildren, Charley Belle was a widow.

End of Part 2

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