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the 2015 educational initiative at GeneaBloggers – where you do get to go home again . . .

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In Week 6 of The 2015 Genealogy Do-Over project, Thomas encouraged us to consider online genealogical educational opportunities.

logo_subFor many years, I have wanted to enroll in the “American Genealogy: Home Study Course”, presented by the National Genealogical Society. The 3-CD course was available at a cost of $495 to NGS members and $585 for non-members. Outa my budget on both counts! Or maybe not…

With the release of the American Genealogical Studies series, NGS is moving its training offerings to the cloud.

Online Courses are reinventing and reinvigorating adult learning. With online learning, individuals can take better advantage of learning updated genealogical information, new resources, or better methods whenever their schedules allows. Rather than traveling through inclement weather or across long distances, people can now take advantage of learning opportunities by just going to their computer and enrolling in an online course.

To help genealogists learn, NGS has selected the learning management system called Canvas by Instructure.

In an online learning management system, the learning revolves around the lessons or modules. Within these, students see pages with examples, articles, videos, glossaries, and URLs to valuable websites as well as additional references.

Learning requires communication. Some of the courses have their own private message board on which students and staff may post. Students can use these boards to begin a discussion or post a question about the course material. This communication helps students develop a community while expanding their knowledge base.

Learning also requires some type of evaluation and feedback. Each course has a variety of quizzes or assignments where students can test and apply what they learned.

Each of the courses within American Genealogical Studies is designed for independent learning rather than for a group meeting.

The American Genealogical Studies series consists of:

The cost of each of the first 2 courses of the series, The Basics and Guide to Documentation and Source Citation, is $30 per course for NGS members and $45 per course for non-members. The third part of the series, Beyond the Basics, Part 1, at a cost of $175/$200, is not yet available. Syllabi for both courses are available for download prior to sign-up.

Wow! Now I can afford this!


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