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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

red buttonGenealogy Do-Over

the 2015 educational initiative at GeneaBloggers – where you do get to go home again . . .

and start over with your genealogy research.


A quick review of the Genealogy Do-Over 2015 Week 2 assignments:

  • Setting Research Goals
  • Conducting Self Interview
  • Conducting Family Interviews

I have spend the past several days getting caught up with Week 2, although my methodology is a bit different from what Thomas is doing. I originally wanted to start my Do-Over with my Mom, but as this project has progressed, it became clear to me WHY it needed to start with me. So I had to go back and process my own “life”:

  • Write my biography- about 3 pages, written in OneNote
  • Assemble all available original docs, photos then scan/rescan and add to Do-Over scans folder- these are all of the original photos and documents that I am in possession of that pertain to my life (208 images so far)
  • Edit, rename images, then to Hall, Ruth Anne 1958 folder in OneDrive
  • Using these original photos and documents, enter unsourced facts into RootsMagic- such as date & location of birth, schools attended, occupations, residences, etc
  • Create Family Group Sheet and Individual Report- print out both from RootsMagic as “working copies” to scribble on as needed
  • Create Research Goals- for the unsourced facts in my RootMagic database that I need to prove, using RootsMagic’s Research Log feature

So that’s where I’m at today.

I had signed up to view Thomas’ Genealogy Do-Over webinar, but couldn’t make the live show, so last night when I got home from work, I watched the replay video (free until Jan 28), then watched it again this morning, this time taking notes, again in OneNote.

I also downloaded Thomas’ Research Log spreadsheet, and opened it cleanly in LibreOffice Calc (I don’t have Excel).

By the way, I found a really good tutorial, Excel for Genealogy. I’m not a spreadsheet person, so I need a little help here… 🙂

Now I am (finally) ready to begin the Genealogy Do-Over Week 3 assignments:

  • Tracking Research
  • Conducting Research

Now let’s see… how does this darned spreadsheet-thing work…

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