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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

red buttonGenealogy Do-Over

the 2015 educational initiative at GeneaBloggers – where you do get to go home again . . .

and start over with your genealogy research.


Before I get into Week 2:

  • Setting Research Goals
  • Conducting Self Interview
  • Conducting Family Interviews

A quick review of my Week 1 activities: System in place

  • RootsMagic- a new database created
  • OneNote- changed from Evernote, better suits my style
  • OneDrive- database and document storage
  • CamScanner- for items that can’t be scanned with my printer/scanner

A quick review of my Week 1 activities: Methodology

  • File naming- LASTFirstMiddle_bYYYY_YYYY  File Name.jpg
  • OneNote- Notebooks for toolbox, Surnames

Also, I set aside (in spirit only) my previous research, dug out all of my Mom’s photos and original docs and re-scanned and edited them as needed and uploaded them to her OneDrive folder.

Now, for Week 2:

Setting Research Goals– I am starting with my Mom. My general goal is to be as thorough and meticulous as possible, enter all data into her RootsMagic database, upload all images to OneDrive, with sources to be done later as they are covered in the Genealogy Do-Over 2015 project. Only after this is done can I set more specific research goals to “fill in the blanks” in her file.

Conducting Self Interview– my plan here is to interview myself using The Complete Guide to The Family History Interview, written by Lynn Palermo and available as a free download for joining the mailing list of her blog, The Armchair Genealogist.

Conducting Family Interviews– again using Lynn’s ebook, I plan to interview my Dad and my Aunt Kathy, who are the only living family members who grew up with or knew my Mom as a child/young adult (basically before my memory of her begins).

This is all probably gonna take more than a week to get done…

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