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the 2015 educational initiative at GeneaBloggers – where you do get to go home again . . .

and start over with your genealogy research.


I know, it’s Week 2, but I’ve spend all morning doing something to goes back to Week 1: Establishing Base Practices and Guidelines.

A few days ago, Diana Ritchie posted on our Genealogy Do-Over Facebook page about a method that she uses to name her genealogy files (File Naming Convention for Genealogy Records).

Well, I have spent the morning editing images and renaming files from my Mom’s file. I am starting with her on my Do-Over. This is the result:

Genealogy files

(click to enlarge)

A few of specifics:

  • surnames are capitalized
  • since the first part of the file name is identical for every image in this folder (STANLEYMarylandSue_b1935_), I just copy/pasted to each image, a great time-saver
  • all files that are original or scanned photographs are labeled with “pic” at the end of the files to distinguish them from documents
  • all images are saved as .png .jpg files

I am tickled to death over Diana’s system! This method is super-simple to do and I can easily find exactly which file I want from the list view, where as using my old system, I would actually have to view the image itself to be able to find what I wanted.

And if I did a search of this folder only for the term “pic”, I would have a fantastic slideshow of photos of my Mom throughout her life!

Thanks, Diana!!!


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