Ruth's Genealogy

“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

When I made the decision to step away from genealogy for a time, I think part of what pushed me away was the fact that I was bored. I was tired of doing things the same way I had done them for many, many years.

So when I recently decided the time was right to pick up my research again, after several months of inactivity, I didn’t want to quickly find myself in the same situation. It was time to be different, to be… daring!

One immediate difference has to do with where I plan to look for family history data.

For several years, I have had subscriptions to both and But during my little hiatus, both subscriptions expired and I did not renew them.

Also, I have used desktop genealogy software, as well as maintaining a RootsWeb WorldConnect database online. This method requires a periodic online backup of my  local data, as well as updating  the WorldConnect database for time to time. Images and documents are stored “in the cloud”, specifically Google Drive and SkyDrive.

While the above system (in addition to using an external hard drive) works well for backing up 10 years’ worth of my very valuable genealogy data, it’s also a lot of work. A lot of boring work…

Also, I have recently purchased a Chromebook, and my old friend RootsMagic can’t be used with a Chromebook.

So, what is my solution?

(end “Change is Good”, part 1)

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