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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

mt-everest-4The Challenge: use my iPad alone (no other computer) to do my genealogical research for 1 week!

I have been using my iPad all day and I am still sane (reasonably).

A few observations:



  1. You must have internet access for Splashtop 2 to be able to connect a PC (or whatever computer you use) to a mobile device (for me, the iPad 2)- not a problem since I’m usually online when I “do genealogy”.
  2. An iPad screen is a lot smaller than my desktop HP screen- takes a bit of getting used to (but not much).
  3. You gotta know and use the iPad finger gestures- I have had an iPhone for about a year, so I’m familiar with these, though not comfortable with them for everything, so I’ll need some practice.
  4. The iPad keyboard is certainly different- but I’m getting there…
  5. I was getting a bit frustrated until I figured out how to pull up the keyboard, I’m fine now (reasonably sane, remember?)
  6. While Splashtop 2 is accessing your computer, your computer’s screen becomes slightly distorted- no damage, still quite readable, returns to normal when Splashtop 2 not in use (so who really cares?).
  7. I have BIG fingers! Copy/paste, clicking on a link… now those are a challenge! Just gotta remember to zoom the page a bit (and I bought a stylus).
  8. When creating a post on WordPress, use the full screen option as much as possible.

So, on Day 1 of this 7-day Challenge, I researched and updated the file for one person. The process was much the same as with my PC, only much slower. I feel certain that will improve with more practice. I ran into only 2 significant problems, the first was remedied by the use of a stylus. The second had to do with zooming in on images that were difficult to read, in this case census sheets. I had to move back to my PC a couple of times to be able to zoom in clearly. Hopefully that will not be necessary as I gain more experience with the iPad.

I also uploaded the documents/photos of 1 ancestor (a total of 78 images) to this blog. Several images required resizing prior to upload. This was accomplished using my trusty old Paint Shop Pro program. Again the same process, only slower.

I also wrote 3 blog posts: the third was definitely easier than the first!

Day 2 of the iPad Challenge should be more productive!

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2 thoughts on “The iPad Challenge:Day 1 (cont)

  1. Good morning, Russ!
    Thanks for stopping by. A bluetooth keyboard is certainly an option. I’ll still playing around with a couple of ideas, including the cover with the built-in keyboard. Actually, after working all day yesterday with the iPad, the typing is coming pretty easily now. My biggest problem right now is my big fingers! The stylus has helped a lot with that. I think I just need more practice (trial & error!). Just gotta think SMALL!

    Have a great day!


  2. Ruth,

    Have you thought about a BlueTooth Keyboard? Works like a champ, to deal with the typing issue.



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