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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

What do you feel is your biggest genealogy accomplishment? What were the steps you took to get there, and what was the end result?

When I first started researching my ancestors, my late Aunt Jan showed me the Stanley Family Bible. It contained parts of the Stanley pedigree doing back several generations. As I studied these page, a name (added to the Bible by my Aunt Jan) that caught my eye was that of Major John Isler:

“a gallant revolutionary soldier”! Wow, how exciting! Gotta find this guy..

I didn’t look very hard for Major John Isler at that time because I really didn’t know even where to begin! I was a very green, ignorant and inexperienced family historian.

But over time, as I began to learn how to search, to document and to decide what was legitimate data and what was hogwash, Major John Isler was always there, in the back of my dusty brain, patiently waiting…

Years later, I was finally able to trace back to Harriet A (Isler) Kennedy, my fourth great-grandmother. Major John Isler was the next generation above Harriet. Harriet was born in Jones County, North Carolina in about 1805, so that’s were I went in search of John.

As I can’t travel to Jones County, North Carolina at this time to personally search courthouse and other historical records, most of my research was done online. Using Ancestry, Fold3, FamilySearch, GenealogyBank, Google Books, USGenWeb and other such sites, I came upon the handwritten Revolutionary War Pension statement of another North Carolina soldier, census and estate records and Jones County, North Carolina historical records. I located Major John Isler and was finally able to link him to my fourth great-grandmother Harriet Kennedy and establish his Revolutionary War service.

Was he “gallant”? Well, I couldn’t find anything indicating that he had been shot or hung by his own men, therefore… 😉

(To view the documentation for John Isler, Sr, click the menu at the top of this page: Photos/Documents>Isler>John Isler, Sr)

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