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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

Nothing good lasts forever and that is definitely true in family history. Think of all the genealogy tools, magazines or websites that no longer exist. Which one stands out in your mind and why? Are there still archives of this tool that can be accessed by the public? Share any information you may have.

So true! That’s why it’s so important to DOCUMENT! DOCUMENT! DOCUMENT!

One site (rather, massive group of sites) that no longer exists is Yahoo GeoCities. This free hosting community closed its doors in 2009. Many a family historian (including me) used GeoCities as a genealogy web presence. I kept my GEDCOM and many photos and documents available to fellow researcher at my GeoCities site. Fortunately, we GeoCities folks were warned several months in advance of the site’s closure. I moved my database (to RootsWeb Freepages), but… many GeoCities genealogists did not!

Some of those sites are still viewable in various places on the Internet, but many others seem to be gone forever.

Not long before the demise of Yahoo GeoCities, I had met a McBurnett cousin online and, you guessed it, she had a genealogy site at GeoCities. This lady was very instrumental in pointing me in the right direction to research my McBurnett line, and her site had a wealth of information. Not a source I wanted to lose access to!

What to do? I couldn’t possibly go through this site one page at a time to save all the data…

Dick Eastman to the rescue! He also posted about the shut down of GeoCities and suggested a solution in the form of HTTrack, which is a wonderful little free program that enables an entire website to be copied to a local directory (your hard drive). The program is simple to use and within minutes, I had all the McBurnett data safely on my own computer, where I can refer to it as I need to.

This is also an example of another lesson often learned the hard way: BACKUP! BACKUP! BACKUP! (and to more than one location!)



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