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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

For which family tradition are you most thankful? How did the tradition start? Which family members have been responsible for keeping the tradition alive and how has it shaped your own family history?

A favorite family tradition from my childhood involved birthdays and holidays. My grandparents’ home was the site for family birthday and holiday celebrations. On Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving, and on each family member’s birthday, the get-together was always at their home in Fort Worth, and later at my grandmother’s house in Crowley, Texas. So many great memories!

Wonderful food and the decorating of Nanny’s Christmas tree at the Thanksgiving get-together, and more wonderful food and even more wonderful toys on Christmas Eve! Each one of us grandkids had a corner of the living room staked out. After dinner, we all piled into somebody’s car and my uncles would drive us around town to look at the Christmas lights while my grandmother and aunts would set out our goodies, each to his/her own corner of the living room. And when we returned.. WOW!

Unfortunately, with time and age, all things must change. These family celebrations eventually all migrated to the aunts’ and uncles’ houses, then to grown cousin’s homes. The great family get-together is no more. I guess everyone kind of decided it was too much for my grandmother to deal with.

Now the individual families, including mine, have their own traditions.

But I still miss Nanny’s big living room and those corners


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