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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

No two genealogy road trips are the same but they’re always fun and meaningful. Describe a memorable trip in your past. Where did you go? What did you find (or not find)? Did you meet any new cousins? What did the trip mean to you and your family?

Road trip! My favorite roads trips are usually to scout out new cemeteries or out-of-town libraries. One of my earliest genealogy-related expeditions was to Ridge Park Cemetery in Hillsboro, Texas. I was in search of my 3GGF Dr Nathan Blunt Kennedy’s grave. This is a pretty good-sized cemetery for a small town, and The Hill County Genealogical Society maintains a website for Ridge Park and many other Hill County cemeteries. Dr Kennedy and his wife Susan are listed, so my granddaughter (age about 8 at the time) and I drove the 60 miles down to Hillsboro one Saturday in May, 2005.

This was a most wonderful trip for three reasons: first, my granddaughter and I spent the day together. While she wasn’t too excited about the cemetery trip, she did enjoy the stop at McDonald’s on the way out of town. Also, wildflowers are EVERYWHERE in the springtime in Texas! Everywhere and beautiful!

But the best part of our trip to Hillsboro that day was a very unexpected cemetery find…

Kennedy plotI was able to locate the Good Doctor’s headstone without much difficulty, as it turned out to be rather a large stone and family burial plot, including above-ground concrete “covers” for the individual graves. By this time, my granddaughter was asleep in her car seat, so I pulled up next to the Kennedy family plot, climbed out of my own car seat and started examining the headstones, camera in hand.

Imagine my surprise when I saw Dr Kennedy’s headstone and grave cover, wife Susan’s headstone and grave cover… and then a third headstone and much-smaller grave cover:

Hallah M Carrico headstone

Wow, a new ancestor! Dr Kennedy and Susan’s daughter Sallie Hattie Lee Kennedy had married Christ Hayes Carrico in 1893, so Hallah must be their 2nd child, my great-grandmother Marie’s younger sister. I wasn’t aware that Marie had any siblings!

This had turned out to be quite an exciting outing!

I took several photos, and when I got home I called my grandmother and 2 aunts, and no one knew about Hallah M Carrico! She had died as an infant or very small child, and I guess no one talked about her. Kinda sad.

But she won’t be forgotten again.


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