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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

If you have been following my last few posts, then you know that I am remodeling my genealogy website.

My old “site” was actually several sites (WordPress, Picasa Web Albums, RootsWeb FreePages and PBWorks) that all linked here at Ruth’s Genealogy- The Blog. In the past, I have also had a hosted website, but just didn’t have the time to maintain it.

But I happened upon a free ebook a few days ago, and it inspired me to overhaul my site.

This is what I done so far:

  1. read through the ebook a couple of times
  2. took a out a piece of paper and scribbled and scratched… and came up with a website plan and overall theme
  3. following the plan, set up several folders locally for the different areas of the site (database, images, cemeteries)
  4. created matching new subdirectories at my RootsWeb FreePages site
  5. uploaded the latest edition of my RootsMagic-created website to the database subdirectory
  6. suddenly stopped… what to do with all of my images?

I had been using Picasa Web Albums for all of my genealogy images, but weren’t happy with that option since my albums couldn’t  be organized alphabetically or using subfolders.

I needed to find a way to display all of my images on my FreePages site…

Google to the rescue! After a bit of searching, I discovered Web Album Generator. A nifty little program that has been around for some time, it creates image albums that can then be uploaded to my Cemeteries and Images subdirectories. Here is Albert Bennett’s album:

Each image is clickable to full size, is captioned and can be arranged in any order. The size of the thumbnail images and albums can be adjusted (I chose medium thumbnails and 5 rows x 4 columns). With Web Album Generator, it is really easy to create simple, nice-looking image albums to display all of my genealogy pics at my FreePages website!

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