Ruth's Genealogy

“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

Last week was a good week for research! Here is what I hoped to accomplish:

  • Witness the Texas Rangers win 3 more games in the World Series and bring home THE TROPHY!
  • Research and document my findings for
  1. Amanda Carroll
  2. Harriett Ann Carroll
  3. Effie Bennett
  4. Robert Augusta Carroll
  5. Susan Ella Carroll
  • Complete the Week 16 task for 31WBGB, which has yet to be assigned.

I actually reviewed/updated 11 ancestor’s records. The most interesting was my 2GGU Pat Carroll, who was murdered in a saloon gunfight in San Saba, Texas in 1906! Where is Gary Cooper when you need him?

The Week 16 31WBGB task has yet to be posted. Not sure what’s going on there…

As for the Rangers? An exciting, yet disastrous end to a wonderful season. NEXT YEAR! OUR TEXAS, OUR RANGERS!

I also updated my RootsWeb FreePages site and WorldConnect database.

And finally, I was able to create a badly-needed direct-line ancestor report, thanks to Midge Frazel and Bruce Buzbee. Now I can really get to work on my (direct-line ancestor) research wiki!

A very productive week, indeed!

Plans for next week:

  • Research and document my findings for
  1. Monroe Spurgeon Carroll
  2. Eulalie L Trice
  3. James Bennett (Sr)
  4. Denson Martin
  5. Thomas S Carroll
  • Complete the Week 16 task for 31WBGB
  • Update both my Freepages site and WorldConnect database
  • Add 2 direct-line ancestors to my research wiki
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