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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

31 Weeks ButtonThe Week 11 task for Tonia’s 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog challenge is:


Sounds so Dr Who, now doesn’t it? Not really…

Have you ever run out of things to write about?

Coming up with ideas for fresh content is a challenge that faces most bloggers on a regular basis.  We’re going to do an exercise this week to help us identify a variety of post topics to “have in our back pockets” when we are stuck for ideas in the future.

We’re not going to try to come up with completely new and “out-of-the-blue” ideas; instead, we’ll use mind-mapping to tap into what we’ve written recently.  The advantage of this method is the ideas we come up with build on or relate to previous posts, creating a sense of continuity and momentum on the blog.

Ok, I’m game. My “mind-mapping” technique usually consists of stepping away from my computer and going for a walk. I can then see the big picture a bit more clearly. But let’s try Tonia’s suggestions.

We were instructed to draw 5 circles on a page or Word doc and list our 5 more recent posts. Or we could try some type of dedicated mind-mapping software for this assignment. Then we were to extend our posts, take some point or topic within each post and expand on it.

I’m always happy to try out new software, so here was my opportunity. I had previously downloaded a free program called WhiteBoard, basically just to scribble notes or maybe make-shift pedigree charts. I haven’t really used WhiteBoard, so here was my chance.

WhiteBoard is handy for temporary work, but I couldn’t save anything on it. Really good for just doodling. Not what I needed for this task.

So I checked out some of Tonia’s suggestions for mind-mapping software and settled on Freemind, a nifty open-source program. I always go for open-source when possible!

Freemind is pretty simple to download and set-up and easy to get started with. Just how I like it!

I created my last-5-posts “circles”, and then came up with a few topics from those posts to take a closer look at:

(click for larger image)

So here are some ideas for new posts, taken directly for my past writings:

  1. Who was Frances Brazil?
  2. Discuss the history of the first Baptist Church of San Saba, Texas.
  3. Discuss the history of San Saba, Texas.
  4. Write a biography of John H “Shorty” Brown.
  5. Was birthday party visitor George C Bennett related to my Bennett line, also living in the San Saba area at that time?
  6. A more in-depth look at
  7. Create a Google Alerts tutorial.
  8. What are the requirements to become a Certified Genealogist?
  9. What genealogy classes are available online?
  10. Write about the Second Life group Just Genealogy.
  11. What are DearMYRTLE’s contributions to genealogy?
  12. Write a biography of Leah Jane Kennedy.

Of these, the most intriguing to me is George C Bennett. I have a lot of Bennett ancestors from the San Saba area…



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  1. Great list of post ideas, Ruth! I liked seeing your demonstration of FreeMind. I’ve looked at it and considered trying it out, but haven’t yet.


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