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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

31 Weeks ButtonThis week’s challenge for Tonia’s 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog is to promote a blog post.

As this blog is already linked to Twitter and Facebook, this option is covered. I use internal links and comment on other blogs as appropriate, although I could leave comments more often. I do follow a lot of genealogy blogs with great interest. Some of the other suggestions just don’t appeal to me.

But what about a newsletter? Maybe…

Let’s see, where to begin. I Googled “genealogy newsletter” and looked at several examples to see what kind of format was used and what type of information to include. I also checked out a few sites where I could create a newsletter using templates.

I finally settled on, the home of this blog. I created a new site and picked out a snazzy, happy theme called Vertigo. I then added some content and my newsletter was born!

I hope this will be a fun and informative newsletter, so please visit and if you like what you see, I would be honored to have you subscribe to Ruth’s Genealogy The Newsletter!

6 thoughts on “#31WBGB: Promote a Blog Post

  1. Interesting idea – I never thought of that! I was just searching for ways to promote my genealogy/family history/town history blog – and your post gave me some great tips!

    My blog is


  2. Very cool, Ruth. I never thought of setting up a separate blog as a newsletter.


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