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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

Today is the 5th blogoversary of Bluebonnet Country Genealogy/Ruth’s Genealogy!

Five years ago I knew very little about genealogy and even less about blogging. With the help of my cousin Susan (lots of help!), my first blog was born on Blogger. It has moved a few times since then, from Blogger to to and finally back here to It has also had several different looks (remember the “big hair” of the 1980’s? I think this blog had big hair at one point!)

Even the name has changed!

But change is good, and as this blog has evolved, so have I. I now know what sources are for!

Anyway, I am happy to still be in the blogosphere and I am happy to continue to contribute. Thanks to everyone!

To celebrate, I’d like to share a few of my favorite posts, which usually describe Happy Dances:

  1. Happy Dance Time, or… maybe James Bennett, Jr was a killer!
  2. Happy Dance Time: Carrico-Kennedy Marriage Announcement!
  3. I am BLOWN AWAY!!!!
  4. Blogoversary vs Bennetts: and the winner is…
  5. The WOW! Category

I am looking forward to spending the next 5 years online and sharing my genealogy life with you!


2 thoughts on “Happy Blogoversary!

  1. Happy Blogiversary! Look forward to watching you for another 5 years. ; )


  2. Bill West says:

    Happy Blogiversary, Ruth!


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