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While reading my Google Alerts this morning, I ran across a very interesting post that discusses land deeds. Amy Yencer from Old Fashioned Housekeeping talks about what land records are and where they can be found, and includes definitions of the numerous terms to be found in a land documents:

Aliquot Parts – were used to represent the exact subdivision of the section of land. Halves of a Section (or subdivision thereof) are represented as N, S, E, and W (such as “the north half of section 5″). Quarters of a Section (or subdivision thereof) are represented as NW, SW, NE, and SE (such as “the northwest quarter of section 5″). Sometimes, several Aliquot Parts are required to accurately describe a parcel of land. For example, “ESW” denotes the east half of the southwest quarter containing 80 acres and “SWNENE” denotes the southwest quarter of the northeast quarter of the northeast quarter containing 10 acres.

If you’ve visited the Bureau of Land Management site and located records for your ancestors, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to understand all that location jibberish? Most of the time, I’m happy just to figure out the county!

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