Ruth's Genealogy

“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln


I have a blog, which is a WordPress blog that is self-hosted. In other words, I can trick out my blog anyway I want to, pretty much. My blog, image gallery, RootsMagic database, all mine, to run as I please. A Content Management System for my genealogical research. I love it!

But even the best systems sometimes suffer a hiccough, a glitch, a bug. And mine did this morning. And I nearly had a heart attack!

I went to my website and clicked on the Log in link and… 404 Error Page Not Found appeared. Oops, that’s not good, ‘cuz now I can’t log into my site.

Not yet hysterical, I sent a support request off to my hosting company. These guys are really great! I’ve not had many problems, but when they do appear, these guys respond to requests usually within an hour or less.

So I sent off the request, closed my laptop, changed out of my jammies and headed off to my local Barnes and Noble to pick up a copy of Who Do You Think You Are. But that’s for another post…

About an hour later (had to wander around B&N for a bit, ya know!), I came home, opened my laptop and checked my Gmail for a message from the Support Team. There is was, punctual as always:

“Sadly, you may have to write a ticket to the support forums on wordpress…”

Not really the  solution I was looking for. Unfortunately, the WordPress forum isn’t quite as prompt as my hosting company. I didn’t really want to wait ‘till they got around to helping me.

What to do?

Suddenly I remembered that a plugin that I use to make my login page match the rest of my website was updated yesterday. I wonder…

So I went to my ftp site, logged in and navigated to the plugins folder. There it was, the “person of interest”, the updated-just-yesterday plugin in question. I hesitated, held my breath… and deleted the plugin.

Did I just delete my entire site? Destroy all that research (Yes, it is all backed up. Stay with me here, for dramatic effect!)? Would the sun even shine tomorrow? What have I done?

I went back to my blog, clicked on Log in, and…


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