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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

Up at 4:45 am to get Grammaw Annie’s Coca-Cola cake made, then get the 2 turkey breasts in the oven by about 6:45.

As my house started smelling absolutely yummy, I worked on John Thomas Stanley’s file and finished it before bedtime (9pm, I was exhausted!).

Nothing funnier than watching my cats dance around in the kitchen, looking for the source of that delicious aroma!

Posted about what I am thankful for, my wonderful family!

Discussed whether my adopted great-grandfather’s brother was my great-great uncle (thanks Transylvanian Dutch!) vs my first cousin 3 times removed.

Posted about my great-grandmother’s rocking chair for Treasure Chest Thursday.

When all the cooking was done, my daughter and I took my kitchen table and chairs to her house (remember, she’s just across the street), then all the food and fixins. My younger daughter and her family were a bit late, since they’d been at the hospital half the night with my sick grandson. One of those viral upper-respiratory thingies that everyone has this time of year. He was a bit fussy, to say the least.

But a wonderful feast was had by all, then it was time to pass out on the couch and watch the Cowboys!

(I’ll clean that kitchen in the morning…)


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