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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

Just to the library tomorrow, but I still gotta do my homework, as I have a long list!

The downtown Fort Worth Public Library is where all of the genealogy goodies reside. City directories, county histories, archived editions of the Star-Telegram local newspaper, marriages indexes, all sorts of neat things. So I gotta get organized and be ready when I get to the library when it opens at noon.

Of the 24 individual’s files that I have reviewed since I began the Great Database Overhaul, I have created a pretty long list of library items to look for, including newspaper obits and city directory and marriage index look-ups. I use RootsMagic 4 and it will create and print a To-Do list, but I’m not satisfied with it.

To keep up with my “overhauled” database, I started using a nifty free program called, appropriately, ToDoList. With this program, I have created a list of ancestors and a timetable to guide me through the whole review process.

So, why not use ToDoList for my library research trip? That’s just what I did, and this is what it looks like:


Newspaper look-ups are color-coded green and marriage index look-ups are red. Quite a few tasks to complete. What you can’t see at the bottom of the list is a little reminder section for me, so I won’t forget my digital camera, my laptop and paper and pencils (and my brain, which I would certainly forget!).

I also posted for Wordless Wednesday.

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