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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

I’ve been doing some maintenance around here. While I have a Flickr account for all my genealogy-related images, I’d really like them all to be housed here at my hosted account. I’ve tried to install a couple of “photo album” programs here, but I’m not really good at all the Geek-isms, so I haven’t been able to get that going.

Then I tried a couple of WordPress plugins, but I’m not happy with the look. But, I’ll keep working on that.

Next, I deleted my Graveyard Rabbits blog. Let’s face it folks: I just don’t have time to maintain it. I have posted to it twice since April. It’s gone.

I added a bit of window dressing to the right sidebar: Everyday Genealogy Fun! (our daily blogging themes).

Following Thomas’ and Randy’s leads, a few days ago I started a separate blog as a journal to post my daily genealogical activies. I think this is a great idea and hopefully will help me stay focused and productive. However, I deleted that blog and will post those daily activities here under the category of “daily journal”. Really trying to simplify things around here.

One thought on “Just a bit of housework

  1. Sakasumi says:

    That’s okay, projects come and go when time passes. Or if you are sure that time isn’t of essence. It’s good to branch out and start new things with some experimenting along the way.

    Well, about your problem involving photos, did you ever find a solution? There are some easy “Gallery” plugins for WordPress, if you go into the Dashboard, plugins, then search for Gallery. You can usually sort them by most popular or downloaded. Which most of those are easy to use. I believe “NextGEN” was one of those, try it out.

    I hope that helped, good luck!


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