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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

…from an unlikely (to me, at least) source:

Why unlikely? Because the info was found using Ancestry’s “new” search.

Their “new” search has been available for some time now, but only rarely have I ever found anything of value using the “new” search. For whatever reason, I can find many more goodies using the “old” search.

In the past I have experimented with both searches by using the same term, usually a name or location. The “old” search would usually yield much better results than the “new” search, so after a while, I just automatically clicked on “Old search” when using Ancestry.

I have been away from genealogical search in general and Ancestry in particular for a couple of months now as I awaited the arrival of my new grandson. But things are finally returning to normal and I have taken up my research again where I left off, with the McBurnetts.

So last night I went to Ancestry, logged on, and there was the “new ” search awaiting me. Since I’ve been gone for a bit, I decided to enter “Daniel McBurnett” into the search box…

Daniel was my 5th great-grandfather and the furthest back that I have been able to go with that surname.

What did I find?

Only 25 pages from “The McBurnett Story” that had been copied and uploaded to Ancestry’s Public Member Photos & Scanned Documents section! The “McBurnett Story” was written in 1994 by Betty Jo Parsons and is no longer available to purchase. The Family History Library does show 1 copy in their catalogue, but I haven’t had the time to get to my local Family History Library to order the book. From what I understand, this book contains an excellent discussion of the McBurnetts in America, complete with sources and documentation.

The 25 pages that I found and downloaded contain 2 late 1700’s original documents. The excerpts indicate a book that seems to be very well written and documented. Even more amazing, of the book’s 240 pages, the 25 that are on Ancestry deal directly with my McBurnett line, Daniel>James>Nicholas>Harrison Wardlow McBurnett, my 2nd great-grandfather! Dates, locations, spouses and children, documents- they’re all there. Pretty exciting!

The moral of this tale? Always use every option available when conducting genealogical research!

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