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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

ChrHCarricoThe story of my second great-grandfather Crist Hayes Carrico is a very sad one indeed. Once a prominant civil engineer employed by the railroads, Crist Carrico died a grisly death on a dark and lonely country road.

His once-respected life had devolved into that of the “town drunk”, a lost soul.

At the time of his death, Crist Carrico was divorced from my second great-grandmother and estranged from his only child, my great-grandmother Marie Stanley. When I began my genealogical research, my aunt tossed this photo onto my notebook and when I asked who this very distinguished-looking gentleman was, she stated, “That’s MaMaw Stanley’s father.” When I asked more about him, she said he died in New Mexico…and that was it. Basically, he was a non-person to our family.

But I was immediately intrigued. What could this man have possibly done that was so bad that, in the eyes of my family, he essentially never existed to begin with?

Well, after a few years of looking and the aid of a wonderful RAOGK (Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness) volunteer, I had a few answers:

  1. Crist Hays Carrico was never accepted by his in-laws. Apparently he was never “good enough” for the daughter of a highly-respected local surgeon and Civil War veteran.
  2. He divorced the daughter of said highly-respected local surgeon and Civil War veteran.
  3. He became the “town drunk” and died a horrible death, directly related to alcoholism:

Carrico, Crist H.-1a  8-1-1941HNS

When I received these newspaper clippings, I tried to get Crist Carrico’s death certificate. It was apprently misfiled somewhere, as I have been unable to locate it at either the local or the state archives.

Recently, the FamilySearch Record Search site added the New Mexico Death Records 1889-1945 collection to its site. And here is Crist Carrico’s record:

Name: Crist Hollah Carrico
Titles & Terms – Prefix(standardized):
Death date: 01 Aug 1941
Death place: Hobbs, Lea, New Mexico
Gender: Male
Race or color (on document):
Race or color (expanded):
Age in years: 68
Estimated birth year: 1873
Marital status:
Spouse’s name: Hattie Mais
Spouse’s titles:
Spouse’s Titles & Terms – Prefix(standardized):
Father’s name:
Father’s titles:
Father’s Titles & Terms – Prefix(standardized):
Father’s birthplace:
Mother’s name:
Mother’s titles:
Mother’s Titles & Terms – Prefix(standardized):
Mother’s birthplace:
Street address:
Cemetery name:
Burial place:
Burial date:
Funeral home:
Informant’s name:
Additional relatives:
Film number: 1913313
Reference number: 3336
Collection: New Mexico Death Records, 1889 – 1945

Not much detail, and maybe whoever created this index was a drinking buddy of my second great-grandfather (just kidding 🙂 , since the name was misspelled!)

My point is: first the index, later the actual images… maybe someday soon I will have Crist Hays Carrico’s death certificate!


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  1. Jay says:

    Alcohol has taken away so many people.


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