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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

I’m so excited! When I got home from work last night (actually 1:30 this morning), I found an email from Ruth from Carter Co, OK, a very nice RAOGK (Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness) volunteer, containing the marriage certificate of Dovie McBurnett and Husband-#-1-And-My-Great-Grandfather William Earl Hall!

Also, a couple of days ago I found a newspaper “snippet” at GenealogyBank about the marriage of Dovie and Husband-#-2 Ollie P Stanley! From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, page 8, dated 20 July 1913:

Don’t you just love the term “copper”? Through further search at GenealogyBank, I found out that Ollie P Stanley was a rather “well-publicized” Fort Worth Police officer, a very colorful character in his own right! He ran his own detective agency and worked as an investigator for the Tarrant County District Attorney. In his later years, in the 1960’s he was the administrator of a gentleman’s estate and there was some type of legal controversy involving Stanley’s management of that estate that went all the way to the United States Supreme Court. Stanley and the judge presiding over the case here in Fort Worth got into some type of argument over the case and Stanley kicked him “in the seat of the pants”. And guess who went to jail? Not Stanley, but the judge, for contempt of court! A pretty famous case here in the 1960’s. I saved several articles, I just gotta go back and read ’em all to get the whole case figured out.

I also checked the Calhoun address from the snippet against’s U. S. City Directories to verify that I have the correct Ollie Stanley.

The snippet about the Stanley/McBurnett marriage dates the ceremony to be 11 July 1913. Not in concrete, of course, but now I have a date to look for at the court house.


3 thoughts on “Dovie update

  1. Stan Blocker says:

    Ollie P. Stanley was my grandfather. I was 17 when he passed. He told the story about kicking Judge Crouch in the shin, and called him a yellow bellied Yankee. I remember his two wives. He was a kind man, very well liked, and I only wish I’d known him when I was older.


  2. Ruth Stephens says:

    Joe, very nice to meet you!

    This is so cool! I’m so excited to meet someone who knew Ollie. He sounds like quite a character! I have found several articles from the 1910’s and 1920’s period from the Star-Telegram mentioning Ollie and his exploits as a police officer and then the 1960’s articles about him and Judge Crouch. Those articles are hysterical! Whoever wrote them ALWAYS managed to mention the “kicked in the seat of the pants” incident!

    I would be happy to send you those articles if you’d like them.

    My great-grandmother Dovie was also quite a character, according to my Dad. I don’t remember ever meeting her, although I’m sure I did. I was 11 when she died. I’ll bet life was never dull when she and Ollie were together!


  3. Joe Shannon says:

    I knew Ollie Stanley. What you have learned about him and the judge is true. He was a great big guy and a really great guy. He was quite up in years when I knew him. He was very well thought of.


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