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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

I have definitively documented 3 of Dovie McBurnett’s husbands, and tentatively a fourth, and the good news is…


No “black widow” at work here after all 🙂

Husband #1- my great-grandfather William Earl Hall, linked to Dovie:

  • 1910 Federal Census
  • Chickasaw Nation Marriages 1895-1907
  • Victor Earl Hall (my grandfather) birth certificate
  • Delbert Eugene Hall (my great uncle) birth certificate
  • Delbert Eugene Hall death certificate
  • believed to have died in a railroad accident

Husband #2- Ollie Porter Stanley, linked to Dovie:

  • 1920 Federal Census

I have birth & death certificates and WWI draft registration for Ollie Stanley. His 1917 WWI draft reistration lists “wife & 2 children”- apparently Dovie, my great uncle Gene and my grandfather Victor Hall.

My documents show a different wife in later years for Ollie, so apparently he and Dovie divorced.

Husband #3- Lon Washington Epperson, linked to Dovie:

  • 1920 Federal Census (oops, Lon is the next-door neighbor here, Dovie still married to Ollie P Stanley 🙂 )
  • 1930 Federal Census

I have birth, death, and WWI registration for Lon Epperson, too. I have a photo with Victor, Gene and Don Epperson (son by Lon Epperson & Dovie) with Dovie. Don died in 1986, gotta get an obit for him, maybe that will list Dovie.

Same with Lon- later documents show a different wife, so this marriage apparently ended in divorce, too.

(Some lawyer in Fort Worth found himself a cash cow!)

Husband #4- Hugh Frank Priddy, tentatively linked to Dovie:

  • son Victor Earl Hall’s delayed birth certificate, created in 1942- Dovie signed as “Ruby Hall Priddy”
  • As Dovie apparently lived in the Fort Worth area from approx 1917 until her death in 1969, I searched for a Priddy living in that area and of about the same age as Dovie
  • Fortunately Priddy isn’t that common a name around here (thank goodness it wasn’t Smith!), so it wasn’t hard to locate Hugh Frank Priddy
  • I have a death certificate and WWI registration for Hugh Frank Priddy
  • I even found a headstone image online for Hugh Frank Priddy at Dido Cemetery in Tarrant County

Hugh Priddy died in 1960 with no wife listed on his death certificate, so I don’t know if he and Dovie were still married at the time of his death. I need an obituary here, too.

(Hey, the 1940 Federal Census release is just 3 years away!)

Now, if I only had a clear link to Dovie…

Husband #5- Unknown Copeland

  • Dovie’s last name at her death was Copeland
  • Her death certificate states she was a widow

Ok, so I feel pretty good about Hall, Stanley and Epperson, hopeful on Priddy, and totally clueless on Copeland. Not really totally clueless. All I need to do is call the funeral home that took care of Dovie. Hopefully, they will have her husband’s name.

Do you suppose Dovie changed her drivers license every time she changed her husband?

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