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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

Msteri from Heritage Happens has tagged this blog with the I Love Your Blog award. Actually. she did this a few days ago, but as I’ve said, I’ve been too busy sneezing to do anything lately.


The rules are:

1. Can put the logo on his/her blog
2. Must link to the person who gave the award
3. Must nominate 7 other blogs and link to them
4. Must leave a comment on each of the nominated blogs

So, my 7 favoritest (?) blogs are:

  • Family Matters– Denise always has the best info on anything techi that might be of use to genealogists!
  • Genealogy Roots Blog– in July of 2007, Joe posted about a database that enabled me to break through (totally obliterate!) a long-standing brickwall!
  • Genealogy Reviews Online– the best for general genealogy, Tim touches all bases.
  • Shades of the Departed– the one and only Footnote Maven runs a fascinating and energetic blog, filled with amazing images of the past!
  • Simply Susan– my cousin’s blog. Nothing to do with genealogy, but still really fun and interesting!
  • The Abraham Lincoln Blog– Lincoln is my favorite historical figure, and Geoff presents a lot of interesting tidbits that won’t be found in most histories and biographies!
  • Today’s History Lesson– an on-this-day-in-US-history-type blog. Very interesting for general American History. Stuff you don’t have time to learn about in class!

One thought on “Thank you, Msteri!

  1. Tim Agazio says:

    Thank you very much! I really appreciate your kind words…I’ve never seen the Lincoln blog or Today’s History Lesson…these are great reads…thanks again.



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