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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

This evening, I finally got a chance to really examine the Confederate records of my 3rd great grand-uncle, Dr John F Kennedy. Most of the 50 documents that I downloaded from a few days ago are pay vouchers and the like. But one document in particular grabbed my attention:

John F Kennedy Military #29

Notice his signature and what is written below it:


“Jno F Kennedy
Surgeon PACS
Brig Genl CSA”

“Brig Genl CSA”? Dr Kennedy’s rank at the end of the Civil War was Brigadier General? Wow! I know that he was head of the Confederate Hospital at Lauderdale Springs,  Mississippi and that he had been promoted from Assistant Surgeon to Surgeon, but a General?

The Union Officer who signed Dr Kennedy’s Parole of Honor was Brigadier General G L Andrews, United States Army. Gen Andrews is buried at Arlington National Cemetery:

“…Andrews returned to the Army as Lieutenant Colonel of the 2nd Massachusetts Infantry, of which he became Colonel in June 1862. On November 10, 1862, he was appointed Brigadier General of Volunteers and was involved in some of the early battles in Eastern theater of the war, including Cedar Mountain and Sharpsburg…”

Sounds like I need to do some serious research into the Life and Times of John F Kennedy, MD, Physician & Surgeon!

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