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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

For the past 2-3 months, I have been looking at and trying out several genealogy database programs, looking for the perfect program for me.

So far:

  • Ancestry Family Tree- Remember this one? My first genealogy program! Ok for the basics, but nothing special. Ah, the memories… 🙂
  • Family Tree Maker 16- I have been using FTM for about 3 years, but I have never liked the way it handles sources & citations. The images that it displays are also not very clear. Takes forever to save and close when a lot of images are added.
  • Family.Show- Awesome to look at! In its early stages, not very useful right now. No reports, charts, exports. Great potential for the future!
  • Family Tree Legends- Free. Ok, but limited. Still not quite right.
  • Family Tree Builder- Also free, from My Heritage. Some really cool graphics, I think they call that Web 2.0. Will only export entire file, not selected surnames. In other words, you can’t just export the Kennedy Family or the Turner Family.
  • The Master Genealogist- 2 versions, very fancy. Lots of bells & whistles. When I grow up, I wanna be…The Master Genealogist! A bit more than I need.
  • RootsMagic- I’m trying this one out now. Very nice, clear, neat interface. Great charts & oodles of reports. The images that I added to it are pretty good.

Still thinking…


One thought on “Still undecided

  1. onepointintime says:

    You might want to try Legacy Family Tree; the standard version is absolutely free and full of features! Very powerful, very efficient. The Deluxe edition is the same price as RootsMagic, and has Microsoft Virtual Earth built in. It can export the entire tree or portions, has a To-Do list, lots of options, built-in research guidance, can search the internet from within the program in both versions, good reports, Deluxe edition has a publishing center to combine reports into a full-length book, lots else! One of my favorite features is the SourceWriter, which lets you enter information about the source and it will automatically create the text. Very capable. Unfortunately, I have had problems with this feature; it often freezes up my computer, but I think that’s mostly because I’m on a Windows 98. Legacy is compatible with that operating system, but I think it’s mostly designed for later versions. (Everything is now. 😦 ) But if SourceWriter isn’t for you, there’s also the option to enter sources the normal way. There’s lots of other minor features, too–“bells and whistles,” basically, but nice to have. The only thing that bothers me is it seems not to keep statistics very well. It would say, for example, that there are 170 people in the tree when there are actually 260. But, you can get the correct number from the RINs, and it will also tell you the number when you export the tree.

    I would definitely recommend Legacy. Other programs have their advantages as well, but IMO with Legacy you get more for the money.

    (Oh, and both versions also come with Legacy Charting. I don’t use it, as that freezes my computer too, but you may have better luck with it if you have an XP.)


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