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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

J L Bell from Boston 1775 posted this interesting item from The Massachusetts Historical Society’s site.

Josiah Flagg was a “Surgeon Dentist” in 1796 Boston:

Josiah Flagg, Surgeon Dentist

This advertisement assures Bostonians that Dr Flagg:

“Traisplants [sic] both live and dead Teeth with greater conveniency, and gives less pain than heretofore practiced in Europe or America:—Sews up Hare Lips;—Cures Ulcers;—Extracts Teeth and stumps or roots with ease;—Reinstates Teeth and Gums, that are much depreciated by nature, carelessness, acids, or corroding medicine;—Fastens those Teeth that are loose; (unless wasted at the roots) regulates Teeth from their first cutting to prevent feavers and pain in Children;—Assists nature in the extension of the jaws, for the beautiful arrangement of the second Sett and preserves them in their natural whiteness entirely free from all scorbutic complaints. . . .”

Read Boston 1775‘s posts and very soon you will feel like you are living in Boston during the American Revolution! J L Bell maintains an excellent site filled with all things Boston and the Colonies during this very turbulent and exciting birth of our nation.

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