Ruth's Genealogy

“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

Beginning on 19 Sep 1890 and finalized on 4 Dec 1893, Sarah S Turner’s application and supporting documents required to file for and receive her husband Isaac Turner’s Union Civil War Pension totals 57 pages:

  • Department of the Interior, United States Bureau of Pensions- 23 pages
  • Depositions- 24 pages from 5 people, including 8 pages mostly hand-written from Sarah
  • Office of Tax Assessor, Hill County, Texas- 2 pages
  • James A Matthews Letter- 2 pages written by Sarah’s son-in-law
  • Power of Attorney- 2 pages, allowing N W Wills & Co of Washington, DC to represent Sarah’s interests before the Bureau of Pensions
  • Proof of Death- 2 pages
  • Proof of Marriage- 2 pages

The outcome? Sarah’s pension application was denied, rejected apparently because she owned too much property (200 acres, value assessed at $2070 in 1892) and her income was too high (appox $500 in 1892) and because she was unable to prove the birth of daughter Zora Belle Turner (no eye-witnesses to the birth).


“Rejection on the ground that the special examination fails to show the claimant dependent as contemplated by the Act of June 27 1890.”

Had Sarah’s petition been approved, she would have received $8 per month…

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