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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

Some time ago I downloaded Family Tree Legends. Since it was free, why not? As I use Family Tree Maker vs 16 for my own database, I decided that I would use Family Tree Legends for my ex-husband’s family’s database. That way I could keep them separate, and not get mixed quite as quickly (it doesn’t take much, believe me!).

But the more I played around when his ancestors, the more I liked Family Tree Legends. For starters, I have never liked the way FTM handles sources. Too much repetition. And FTM also seems to distort “people” photographs. It’s fine with documents and photos of places or things. But the people just never look quite right. Also, the reports and charts that FTM creates are pretty standard and uninteresting. Why have I stayed with the program all this time? Habit, I think…and money. When I first started with my research, I downloaded the free Family Tree program available from I used it for a couple of years, then upgraded to FTM, which seemed to me to be pretty similar, just a bit more advanced. Easy learning curve, too!

Then when Family Tree Legends became available for free, I grabbed it, just because… But I continued to use FTM, mainly because I actually paid money for it, so I wanted to use it, just because…

But in the past couple of days, I have been seriously considering switching over. Family Tree Legends offers a “cleaner” interface, simpler documentation and the photographs are displayed without distortion. It also creates more reports and charts, which is important to me as I am trying to find the best way to display my data on this website.

The only problem that I have run into is in importing my data to Legends from FTM. Legends claims that it will import directly from FTM, or you can export the data to a .ged file, then import it into Legends. The problem with the direct import is that most of my sources didn’t make the trip! All the people and the images came through just fine, but not the sources. The .ged import brought all of the people and all of the sources, but no images.

What to do? I sent an email to the Legends support folks, but it is the weekend, so I haven’t heard back from them, yet. If the sources won’t come through, I’ll have to go with the .ged import and then add all the images back into the database. A big job, but nothing compared to all of those sources!

Some of the photographs will need to be re-done anyway, because of the distortion. Plus, I have acquired quite a few new images since I visited with some of the folks in my database, they need to be updated anyway.

I have about talked myself into the change-over. Thanks for being such an attentive audience!

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