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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

This morning I started researching my Turner ancestors, who I had previously traced back to DeKalb County, Tennessee (1850 Federal Census). I found all of the federal censuses, slave schedules, and IRS tax assessment lists at ancestry and downloaded them. Next step was the Tennessee GenWeb site, then to DeKalb County. These folks have a great site! A lot of info, all searchable. What I really liked was the definitions of search terms table they had created:

Definition of Search Terms

Explains a lot!

But the most exciting part of this website for me was their transcription of History of Dekalb County Tennessee, written in 1915 by Will T Hale. My 3rd great-grandfather Francis Turner and several of his sons are mentioned frequently throughout this book. He was apparently one of the earlier settlers and later a prominent citizen of DeKalb County: “The wealthiest people, like Francis Turner, Ned Robinson, and Abraham Overall, had fine broadcloth suits made by the tailors.” Incidentally, Edward Robinson is enumerated right next to Francis Turner in the 1860 Federal Census…I’ve only found 2 Francis Turners living in DeKalb County 1840-1870, one being my Francis and the other his son Francis. So I’m pretty sure the man in the “fine broadcloth suit” was my Francis Turner! Pretty exciting!

I have also found a site where I can order a reprint of History of Dekalb County Tennessee. A pretty successful day of research, and I haven’t eaten lunch yet!

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