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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

I have been working diligently on the biography story page of Dr. Nathan Blunt Kennedy at I have been uploading documents in support of the story, and in doing so have reexamined many of those documents. And, I have discovered a few new clues along the way. It certainly pays to check out your “old” data periodically! His story is not yet finished, so I will still continue with this project until its completion.
But, occasionally I have found that I need to stop my research, reevaluate where I am and what I want to accomplish, and get re-focused. It is very easy for me to get sidetracked. I need a “lesson plan” of sorts, a tool whereby I break down the overall goal of my research into smaller, more manageable sub-goals.
The Plan:

  1. Reexamine my Bluebonnet Country Genealogy FTM database. Start with my generation and work backwards, with each generation look at my direct line and see what data I have, what I need, what documentation that I already have that needs to be added to the database, and any other “spring cleaning” that needs to be done. For several of my ancestors I have a lot of data that needs to be documented and added to the database, the nitty-gritty stuff. With other ancestors, I have very little data. Those people need a lot more research to be done.
  2. Start with the first “non-living” generation, which basically will be my grandparents, and begin the mountainous task of uploading important documents and images to my gallery for safekeeping.
  3. Add more story pages to I have several other ancestors in mind for this project: Crist Hayes Carrico and Miles Francis Stanley to begin with. Both led quite interesting lives that ended at opposite ends of the “lived-happily-ever-after” tale.
  4. I have recently met many “cousins” online through this blog and my RootsWeb site. Their information needs to be added to the database, and I need to devise some type of system to keep up with my new “cousins”.
  5. I also have a lot of info to add to my “known” family, such as the obituary from my uncle Ladd Clark from September 2007.
  6. Last of all, but perhaps most important, I really need to learn to discipline myself concerning my research. It is so incredibly easy for me to get sidetracked and wander off, to lose the focus of my work. I can spend an entire morning (as I did yesterday!) on a side path, such as looking for a widget for this blog that displays birthday reminders for my ancestors. Ex: Feb 18th would have been my grandfather’s 98th birthday. I think it would be really neat to have a reminder of each person’s birthday, no matter how old they would be…as you can plainly see, I can wander off in a heartbeat!
  7. Maybe also, just a bit of spring cleaning of my desk and physical genealogy filing system. It’s in pretty good shape, as I did a major clean-up, clean-out and reorganization last year. But a bit of tidying up might get me more into the solid researching mode.
Ok, now I have a plan! Next step: get started. But first, some housework…
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