Ruth's Genealogy

“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

A near disaster a couple of days ago made me think of one more New Year’s Genealogy Resolution: Back-up your data often!
On Sunday, I got home from work and logged onto my computer and got on the ‘Net. An Internet Explorer page (I use Firefox) kept popping up, something called Internet Speed Monitor with different adds on each page. So, I Googled Internet Speed Monitor and discovered it was a Trojan Horse! After my initial heart attack, stroke and near-death experience, I went to my computer’s Control Panel, Add-Remove Programs (as directed to do to get rid of the offender), found the Internet Speed Monitor there and deleted it. Mind you, I didn’t download that program! I then updated my Ad-Aware program, since what I read about Internet Speed Monitor suggested it had something to do with add-ware, and ran the Ad-Aware program. It found 10 new critters, so I followed the program’s directions to delete the critters…The dreaded Blue Screen-Fatal-Program-Error appeared! 2nd heart attack: the last time I saw that screen, the hard drive of the computer it appeared on crashed and burned and I almost lost everything on it. That particular computer was an older model and didn’t have a cd burner on it. Thanks to a lot of work by my daughter’s wonderful computer geek friend Jessica, she was able to save most of my data and get the computer running again.
So, I was terrified that this hard drive might be history, too. I sat there and stared at the screen for a couple of minutes, then finally hit the Power button and shut the computer off. After about a minute, I hit the Power button again, and it booted up normally! Breathing again now…
I then ran a virus check and found not one but 2 trojan horses! The program was able to isolate and delete the trojan horses. Next I ran the Ad-Aware program again and deleted all the critters it found. I then logged onto the Internet and no Internet Speed Monitor pages appeared. I browsed around my computer for awhile and found no damages.
The moral of this story is: back-up your data often. If you don’t, you might wish you had! My New Year’s Resolution is to back-up my data to my flash drives weekly! I have 3 flash drives just for this purpose, but the last time I backed everything up was August, I think. So I am setting aside Mondays as Back-up Day!

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