Ruth's Genealogy

“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

I bought myself an iPod Nano for Hanukkah last year, and I have downloaded or copied a lot of music to it. I listen to it when I walk (which I should do several days per week, but don’t!) and when I clean house. It has never occurred to me that my iPod could help me with my genealogical research…
One of the blogs I read daily is the DearMYRTLE blog. This lady is very knowledgeable about family history, and I learn something every time I visit!
In her blog she talks about her podcasts. Now I really didn’t understand what a podcast was, but when I read about Myrtle and her iPod, I decided to follow her directions and try to download her podcast to my iPod. Nothing to lose, since it’s a free download. Piece o’ cake!
I quickly figured out that a podcast is basically an old-time radio show. The host of the podcast talks about the subject and may interview people of interest. And there are sponsors’ commercials. Simple enough.
Problem is…I don’t like “talk radio”! So the first podcast I listened to took a bit of discipline on my part, at least in the beginning.
But I listened to Myrtle’s latest podcast again at work this morning, while doing inventory. And ya know what? I really enjoyed it…and learned a lot!
So I visited the Apple Store this afternoon and downloaded a couple of other podcasts (The Genealogy Guys and Genealogy Gems). This takes a little more patience on my part, as I have a dial-up internet connection, so it takes a while to download anything! But, I am excited about this newly-discovered use for my iPod!

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