Ruth's Genealogy

“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

I have done a bit of research into my ex-husband’s family. He has given me a few things for safe-keeping, including 2 old tin-plate images of his great-grandmother and her sister. A couple of years ago, I posted a message on a couple of websites in the area of Arkansas where these 2 ladies lived. Thursday, I got an email from a lady in Arkansas about the pictures. It seems she is related to the ladies and has a lot of info to share. So I sent her copies of the images and she in return sent me more photographs of people from her line, the Latimers, and also access to her private web site. It feels like Christmas morning around here! Or the 1st night of Hanukkah, better still!
This new “ex-cousin” has a bunch of info that I want to add to the Stephens-McCullough database. I haven’t done anywhere near as much work with this database as I have with my own family, so I have a big assignment ahead.

This is William Ross Latimer, my ex-husband’s 2nd great-granduncle. He is the uncle of the 2 ladies on the tin plates.
I’m anxious to jump into this, since I have all this new info, but first I want to finish the Stanley surname.

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