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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

My dad’s 2nd great-grandfather was James Bennett of San Saba, Texas. A few days ago, while searching online for information about one of James’ kids, Henry Clay Bennett, I came upon a posting on GenForum looking for info on Henry C. Bennett of San Saba! I emailed the lady and she wrote me back and now I have found a new cousin! Very exciting! This is the third cousin I have met since I started this family history adventure!
The lady has some new info on Henry, as well several other Bennetts, and I have shared with her what I have on the Bennetts, so now we have both benefited from this chance encounter! One of the most exciting things about genealogy is meeting previously unknown family members. I am always willing to share anything I have with whoever needs it; that’s why I try to put everything I have on my website, with the sources, so that the info may be helpful to someone else, and they in turn might be able help me. What goes around, comes around, as the old saying goes!
Something else that is very exciting to me is the possibility of a “genetic link” to this lady’s ancestors. Let me explain…
My fraternal grandmother, Mamie Inez Carr, had unusual-looking, very flat fingertips. Mamie died in 1987, so she was an ancestor that I actually grew up around and remember. Also, I have a photo of her very clearly showing the unusual fingertips. I mentioned this to my new cousin, and she said she remembers several of the Bennett’s that she knew having the same unique “deformity”. Wow, that’s pretty exciting! I want to do some research and find out more about these fingers! My Dad’s half-brother from Mamie’s second marriage also has the same look to his fingers, although much less pronounced.

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