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“I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” -Abraham Lincoln

A very exciting day! I got up at 6AM and sped off to Hill County to photograph and index the Graham-Mason Cemetery. I arrived at the cemetery gate only a few minutes ahead of the folks, Frank & Judy, with the key to the cemetery gate. They quickly arrived and we introduced ourselves. A very nice couple! I began to photograph each stone and as I went up and down the rows, Judy walked with me and “introduced” me to each person buried there. She and her husband Frank were both very kind and very helpful. After about an hour, I was finished, so Judy and I went back to Hillsboro while Frank completed his job of “weed-eating” the cemetery. Judy and I then visited The Old Jailhouse Museum in Hillsboro. An absolutely fascinating place! Several rooms are filled with relics, photos, documents of Hill County, Texas. A historical treasure chest! I didn’t find any of my “target” ancestors, but still thoroughly enjoyed the museum tour. Frank met us at the museum and we all went to lunch, and talked more about our mutual passions for genealogy and cemeteries.
When I got home, I uploaded all the photos and the information to my
Bluebonnet Country Genealogy website. A very productive day indeed!
I also emailed photos of some of the ancestors that we share to Frank & Judy.
A funtastic day!


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